European project «Fighting UNemployment through Networking for Youth» (FUNNY), approved by the European Commission within the framework of Youth in Action Programme, is a joint initiative of 20 associations from 17 countries in the enlarged Europe and its Neighborhood strongly active in the field of youth. The hosting organization will be Azerbaijani NGO Alliance for Municipality Development (BINA), and ALDA is in charge of the overall coordination of the project and it will act as a sending organisation.

FUNNY brings together 40 youth workers from 17 states of the enlarged Europe and support them to find partners for transnational cooperation in the field of the youth work, with specific attention to the issue of the youth unemployment. Unemployment, as an effect of the global economical crisis, is affecting mostly the youngest generations.

FUNNY allows a wide coverage of the Programme and Neighboring Countries’ area. Promoters come from the old EU15 (France, Italy, Denmark), New EU12 (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania) South East Europe (Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, BiH, Croatia), East Europe and Caucasus (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus).

Fighting UNemployment through Networking for Youth (FUNNY)

FUNNY has the structure of a partnership building activity (PBA). The main action consists of a 5-day transnational event in Baku, Azerbaijan. It will combine information sessions on work opportunities for youth, meetings with relevant stakeholders in the job market field, specific moments dedicated to PBA and development of joint initiatives for youth.

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